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sand blasted carving of glassFox GlassworksAll of our glass tile is made by hand at our studio in Bend, Oregon. That means you can commission us to create any color, size, shape, finish, or carved design you wish. But wait! We don’t just create tile. We’re passionate about providing design solutions with handmade glass. Besides making the highest quality glass tile, we also specialize in glass design for indoor transom windows, decorative art, and other applications that meet your needs for beauty, innovation and function. See the possibilities.


We have developed more than 70 gorgeous, fully saturated colors. If you don’t see the color you want on our palette, ask us to create one to suit.

Size and Shape

Do we really mean we can create any size or shape glass tile? Yup. We size tile to fit your project, right down to the fraction of the inch. What about circles, triangles, octagons? You name it. A sculpted edge that suggests a mountain landscape? Anything. Furthermore, we’re one of the only glass studios in the region that makes one-piece bullnose tile.

We offer standard gloss and matte finishes, and a beautiful satin finish we’ve developed in our studio.


Designs or images can be sandcarved (for a precise image) or kilncarved (for a more impressionistic look) on tiles or other pieces. We work with your drawings or create a special image based on an idea you have in mind.

Project Size

We welcome small kitchen remodels as well as large, exclusive commercial projects.


Your project’s parameters determine the price. Best to contact us and let us work up a bid for you. 

Installing Tile
We work closely with the tilesetter or other professionals to ensure the best possible installation.

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