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When most people think of glass tile, they think of squares. But you’re looking for something more, something different. At Fox Glassworks, we believe almost anything is possible with beautiful pieces of glass. We start by looking deeply into your project requirements, noting space, light, and any existing design elements. Then we explore new possibilities for you using the colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes that best meet your needs for beauty and function. Once we understand your needs, who knows? We may make a new color. We might suggest a customized shape. Or a carving perhaps.
  • Backsplash1
    Three Sisters Mountains — Sand Carved - Gloss Finish
  • Backsplash10
    Grapevine Accent Tiles Sand carved - 2 sides
  • Backsplash12
    Aspen Leaf - Sand Carved
  • Backsplash13
    Matte field tiles — Gloss Accent Tiles
  • Backsplash15
    Matte Field Tiles — Gloss Accent Tiles
  • Backsplash17
    Gloss Accent Tiles with Tumbled Travertine
  • Shower11
    Glass Block — Aspen Branch Sand Carved - 2 sides
  • Shower17
    Gloss Accent Tiles
  • Shower2
    Gloss Tiles with Italian Marble
  • Shower6
    Window Surround with Bullnose Tiles
  • Special20
    Kiln Carved Triptych
  • Special18
    Mirror Surround
  • Special11
    Sand Carved Aspen Branch - 2 sides
  • Special4
    Matte Field Tiles — Gloss Accent Tiles
  • Details21
    Detail - Sand Carved Grass Tile
  • Details22
    Detail - Kiln Carving
  • Details23
    Detail - Sand Carved Salmon
  • Details3
    Layout detail
  • Details5
    Detail Corner - Bullnose
  • Details7
    Sand Carved Leaves - 2 sides
  • Details8
    Sand Carved - 2 sides
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